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The founder and trustee of Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Sri Muralidhara Swamigal has managed to keep the trust afloat with the help of good Samaritans who have been contributing out of their own will. He was born into an average family that belonged to the lower middle class strata of the society. His father being a teacher and mother a homemaker, with him and four other siblings (one brother and three sisters) to raise, day-to-day existence was a struggle. With the pressure of offering support to the family continually building up, Sri Muralidhara Swamigal discontinued his studies after Standard 12 and began taking up full time jobs.Even as a youngster, he had been undertaking part-time jobs right from the tender age of six years to lessen the burden on his parents’ shoulders.

Life was certainly not a bed of roses, but the thorns somehow did not seem to bother the family as they moved on from day to day of hand-to-mouth existence. S. Muralidharan, as he was then called, worked at various companies such as Royal Enfield, Lucas TVS and many other private concerns . The nature of the jobs he took up varied right from that of a daily labourer to a marketing executive and his service-mindedness made him offer a helping hand to the needy he met, whenever possible. This was probably the reason for him instituting Sri Maruthiyin Udavik Karangal, to widen the helping hands to reach out to a wider section of the humanity as well.

All through these years though, his spiritual pursuits continues simultaneously. A keen interest in divinity and spirituality had always been a part of Sri Muralidharan Swamigal’s Personality and the later years saw him taking up these spiritual goals a step further as he began to pursue spirituality as his sole motive.

The rocky road turned on to a disastrous path when, at age 62, Smt. Komalavalli, the Swamigal’s mother, was diagnosed with acute lung cancer. The future seemed bleak for her. Nevertheless, her son was unwilling to give up on his devoted mother, who had even gone to the extents of working s a servant maid, washing utensils and clothes in many households, in order to bring up her children.

He spent several lakhs of rupees, sold all his assets and all that he had ever owned in a desperate attempt to save her life. However, all of it was in vain. When all signs of hope had vanished and the future spelt a certain doom, his mother requested him to grant her dying wish. “Not even my enemies should undergo a pain and suffering to this extent. I want you to do something for the people of the world. Something that will make them bears the burdens of their illness and pains”, were her departing words.

Just before she left for the heavenly abode, Sri Muralidhara Swamigal formed a trust, Sri Maruthiyin Udavik Karangal Trust, named after Lord Hanuman whom he was devoted to. His mother, along with his family members, was signed up as one of the trustees in her last days and died within days of registering the trust.

Diving into a deeply depressive state of mind, Sri Muralidharan retired voluntarily form his job and shifted to the Ashta Lakshmi Temple near Chittoor, serving as a priest there, in 2000 . For a shot period following this ,he concentrated on making ends meet for him and his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. Then, he sensed the message that it was time for the fulfillment of the promise he had made to his mother.

Having lost his parents to diseases, his mother to cancer and his father to diabetes, his urge to contribute something substantial to the society increased. This was when the decision to build a peedam for the God of Medicine, Lord Danvantri, came to his mind. But not until he had acquired 50 crore mantras did he wish to carry on with peedam’s construction. On 13th march, 2003, the first homam was conducted at Sri Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple at Arakonda, near Chittoor.

As Swamigal has served in Chittoor as a priest before, there were thousands present at the ceremony and the devotees contributed fifty thousand mantras. April 14th of the same year saw the second homam being conducted at Walajapet. Now, Swamigal began his worship of the ‘utsava moorthi’, a pancha ioga idol (made of five metals), with the intention of enabling the people across the globe to lead an illness-free life. Along with this, he also started worshipping a Chakrathaazhvaar idol, with several charitable activities to aid the needy beginning simultaneously.


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