Danvantri Homam

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Dhanvantri Homam (Health and Wealth Problems)

Why Dhanvantri Homam?

Dhanvantri Homam will encircle you with positive vibrations and shield you against all health disorders. This powerful Homa will be a remedy to all your illnesses. If health ailments are your worries, then this Homa is the spiritual therapy to cure it!

Dhanvantri Homa and the Deity

Lord Dhanvantri is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. He is the Divine Physician who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He appeared during the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean of Milk with nectar to rejuvenate the Celestial beings. Let this divine Homa nourish you with robust health and long life!

Speciality of Dhanvantri Homa
This Homa is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Danvantri to put an end to all your health problems. This is the only way to absorb the energy bestowed by the Divine Physician.

When performing the Homa, 108 medicinal herbs are offered into the sacrificial fire. This emits medicinal properties all across the air, thereby alleviating all your physical ailments!

Recommended Timings for Dhanvantri Homa
Ekadashi Tithi is the best time to conduct this auspicious Homa. Also, Guru and Budha Horas are recommended.

Mantra for Dhanvantri Homa
“Om Hreem Dhanvantari Mahavishnave Namah”

Benefits of Dhanvantri Homa

  • Powerful remedy for all your diseases
  • If the Homa is performed once in a year, it will lessen your health problems
  • Danvantri Homa invigorates the lives of: 
  • People who suffer from incurable diseases
  • People who are victims of physical sufferings
Other Reasons :

If your health is decreasing day by day and if you have tried all the medical help available, all your medical tests and reports are coming out to be absolutely normal, but your health problem remains the same then you surely need help . It can be black magic !!

Yes its true it can be black magic because if all your reports are ok and your pain and desease is still undiagnosed and unidentified then this situation is alarming.

Sri Danvantri Homam has the remedy for the following health issues:

1. Low blood pressure/ high blood pressure not cured and controlled by medicine
2. Surgery illness,surgeries are not successful
3. Mentall illness/depression
4. Body aches/bad body pains like needles prickings
5. Unbearable headaches
6. Tinnitus,hearing noises and unwanted sounds in ears
7. Dizziness/ vomitings
8. Sudden faintings/ blackouts / fits/ attacks
9. Hair falling in an abnormal manner
10. Breathing problems etc.


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