Saraswathy Homam

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Saraswathi Homam
(Career Enhancer)

Why Saraswathi Homa?
Saraswati Homa enhances the native’s intelligence, memory power, logic and reasoning skills. It removes the impediments that block one’s successful accomplishments in his/her academics. The powerful Homa stimulates the person’s thirst for knowledge.

Saraswathi Homa and the Deity
Goddess Saraswati is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. She represents intelligence, memory power and other soft skills. She empowers her children with sharp intelligence and memory power. They remain unbeatable in whatever they undertake!

Speciality of Saraswathi Homa
The Homa energizes the native with all the necessary positive vibrations that alert the individual’s senses and enhances his/her skill sets. The native imbibes confidence and delivers the best in all their endeavors!

Recommended Timings for Saraswathi Homa
Panchami Tithis and Guru Horas that fall on Thursdays and Fridays are suitable timings to perform Saraswati Homa.

Mantra for Saraswathi Homa
Om Sam Soum Saraswatyai Namah

Benefits of Saraswathi Homa

  • Gifts with sharp memory, intelligence, and communication skills
  • Instills confidence in the individual to accomplish great success
  • Energizes with the power to stand unique among the other thousands of people around
  • Saraswati Homa energizes the lives of:
  • Students who are high spirited and aiming for success in examinations
  • Students who are less confident and want to improvise on their caliber
  • Students who aim for smooth success in their endeavors


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