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Vaasthu Nivarthi Peedam

Why is there a vaasthu benediction here? The complex came up at intervals, as intuition and divine messages came forth to Swamigal. The physical construct of the peedam therefore does not comply entirely with the vaasthu laws.                                                            

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Sri Seshadri Swamigal

His miraculous touch is said to have cured many of those who came to him with devotion. His mystical powers give deliverance from all kinds of maladies. He is also revered as Sri Kuzhandhai Aanandhar’s disciple.

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Swarna Aakarshana Bairavar

Swarna Aakarshana Bhairavar! He is the time keeper in the Hindu Pantheon. Here he is portrayed as the one who can enhance your material assets. Swamigal believes that: Panam irundhal vyaadhi varum, Panam illavittaal vyadhi varum! (Excessive wealth and excessive poverty, both cause disorders).

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Lord Vinayagar - Lord Danvantri

Why is Ganesha called Vinayagar? Our ‘Nayagar’ - ‘hero’? The question arises as to why Lord Ganesha was installed in a space dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Sri Muralidhara Swamigal says he does this entirely by intuition, and he does what he is instructed to do, no matter that such instruction may go against the established practices of tradition and convention.

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Kaala Chakram

To ease worries - KAALA CHAKRAM

The Kaala Chakram has been instituted with specific plants for the 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and the 27 stars, totaling 48 species of plants. The wheel of time takes us on a roller coaster of happiness, fear and doubt and then back again. This space is dedicated to all the people of the world, represented by the 27 stars and their corresponding plant, animal and bird.                                                                                           Read More

Lord Danvantri

The first physician - Lord DANVANTRI

(Dhyaana Mandapam for all irrespective of caste and creed) Lord Danvantri is considered the 12th avatar of Maha Vishnu. This is the main healing energy in the peedam. When the life-giving sea of energy (paarkadal) enveloping the universe was churned, Lord Danvantri is credited with bringing the pot of nectar (amrutha kalasam) from the hands of the demons (who stole it) and restoring it to the Devas.                                    Read More

Goddess Mahishasuramardhani

In the Atharvana Veda, Mahishasuramardhini is a paradevatha, meaning prime energy, which is not usually placed secondary to any other. However, in this peedam, she is featured as Lord Vishnu’s sister and hence brings the brother–sister relationship to the fore. Even the statue has been sculpted to resemble Lord Danvantri.                                 Read More

Vaasavi Kannika Parameshwari

Members of the Vysya (trading) community use this sacred space to celebrate special occasions such as the 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays. Hence it is in deference to them that their presiding guardian angel Sri Vaasavi Kannika Parameshwari has taken residence here. Here, She is presented in the Meenakshi form with a parrot and a lotus in Her hands.      Read More

Lord Maragadheswarar

Among the gurus, Swamigal thought he must first install Meda Dakshinamoorty. In his explorations he undertook travel to different Siva abodes. 

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Ashta Naaga Garudar

Garuda is the Pakshi Raja, the king of birds. Garuda is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu and also that of Lord Vaasavi Kannika Parameshwari Garuda Danvantri. He stands guard at the entrance to the main deity.

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Sri Kaarthaveeryarjuna

The message to create a Sri Kaarthaveeryarjuna abode came to Swamigal when he was travelling to Bangalore. He was on his way to Shirdi, via Bangalore, travelling by train with a group of 25 people. He got a call at that time from a person named Jabalpur Nagaraja Sharma offering to help him visit the original Sri Kaarthaveeryarjuna temple.

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Lord Ayyappan

When multiple energies occupy a complex and new energies are to be located, it is vital to balance these energies. So when the Ashta Mangala Bhairavar was to be consecrated in a denoted space, it became imperative that the space occupied by Danvatri/ Vinayakar at the entrance be relocated.

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Sri Sudarsana Azhwar

Sudarsana Azhwar is reckoned as Lord Danvantri’s friend. Also known as Chakrapani, He always accompanies Lord Danvantri. He is known to give immediate responses to people’s expressed wishes. He annuls negative thoughts through light (Sudarsanam). He wears a protective anklet (kaapu), and his hand is in abaya mudra. His stance is as if he is ready to run at the call of a devotee.                                                                                   Read More

Ashta Mangala Kaala Bairavar

As has been the experience all along with Swamigal, he got a calling from the Sugara Nadi reading to establish the Lord Ashta Mangala Kaala Bhairavar. Kaala Bhairavar is one of the manifestations of Lord Siva who represents the march of time. Bhairavar is usually the fierce aspect of Lord Siva, who transmutes energy in order to recreate. 

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Sri Pattabhisheka Ramar

Lord Rama, in this shrine, is represented in royal style, during His pattabhishekam as the king of Ayodhya. Pattam in Tamil implies designation. “We conceptualized someone who could order others around to make things happen”, says Swamigal, “and who bett er than a royal personage who is also divine, ordering you to do whatever it takes for you to be in good health!”                                                                           Read More

Sri Arogya Lakshmi

A tavil (a percussion instrument) vidwan came to the peedam and commented, “I would really like to see Thaayaar here. Kamakshi tells me this.” Sri Muralidhara Swamigal responded, “Who will pay for it?” The vidwan replied, “I will.”

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Sri Vani Saraswathi

On a visit to a sthapathi in Mahabalipuram, Swamigal’s eyes fell on an unfinished sculpture of Goddess Saraswati. It is quite unusual to see stone idols of Goddess Saraswati in India. He asked why was it unfinished. Had someone not claimed her? The sthapathi there confirmed that a client from Vijayawada had placed an order but had not taken delivery of it.                                                                                                Read More


Originally a single identity, Rahu-Ketu manifest as two independent identities due to the happenings during the churning of the ocean. The importance of Rahu-Ketu in astrology cannot be understated. It is believed that they influence ailments connected with the digestive system.

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468 Siddhars
Siddhars facilitate healing. They are semi-divine beings who sustain their earthy existence in a subtle form. They are available not only to heal people’s karmic suffering, but also fulfil some divine purpose. They are known to absorb incurable diseases suffered by their devotees.       Read More

Swarna Annapoorani

How important is food to the good health of the human body and mind? Food, eaten fresh, in the correct measure and properly cooked is the foundation of good health. So can there be a shrine to health without Annapoorani’s presence?

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Karthigai Kumaran

Lord Murugar is depicted here as Karthikeya Kumara. He has been included to show the world that one ought not to differentiate between the biological mother and a foster mother.

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Goddess Gayatri Devi

When Sri Gayatri , with the Maha Meru (Sri Chakra), was to be consecrated, Swamigal wondered where She ought to be taken on Her first visit. Incidentally, a doctor from the Apollo Hospitals called to invite Swamigal for his birthday celebrations at the Mookambikai temple in Kollur, Karnataka.                                                                                         Read More

Sri Maha Meru

The Maha Meru, a 64-triangle 3-dimensional configuration incorporating both the Siva and Shakti principles, has 64 sakti yoginis within it. Anyone worshipping the Maha Meru can get the blessings of all shakti yoginis. This leads to the path of salvation.             Read More

Lord Dattaatreya

Lord Dattaatreya incorporates the trinity of the Hindu pantheon. Lord Dattaatreya is the remover of mental anxieties. He anchors a person, removing doubt and vacillation. He is also Sri Karthaveeryarjuna‘s guru.                                                                                   Read More

Lord Lakshmi Hayagreevar

Lord Hayagreevar is Goddess Lakshmi’s guru. He finds a place in this pantheon because knowledge can overcome illness. Swamigal wanted the idol to be made of an extremely soft sandstone, as this was the dictate of the nadi. Unable to source the stone, Swamigal was worried.

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Nava Kannikais

The nava kannikais are the conceptual children of the sage Atri and his wife Anusuya. These conceptual nava kannikais are: Brahmi, Raudri, Maheshwari, Vaishnavi, Shyamala, Yagnaroopini, Rajarajeshwari, Manonmani, and Kaumari.

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Sooriya Baba

The other side of the Thanga Baba is the Surya Baba in sookshma (subtle bodied) form, representing Baba with the radiance of the Sun and a golden heart. The rising and setting sun’s rays fall on the idol of the twin Babas. Baba has been installed among the revered gurus.

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Sri Thanga Baba

A lady devotee of Shirdi Baba visited the Arogya Peedam and requested Swamigal to install Shirdi Baba here, as he was known to heal many devotees. She wanted the idol be made of gold, and towards this, presented Swamigal with 50 grams of gold.

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Medha Dakshinamoorty

Sri Dakshinamoorty is revered as the Divine and Universal (ulaga) Guru by Saivites. He is also reckoned as the chief of astrologers, who are bestowed with the power of the word.

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This saint is known as the Arutperunjothi Vallalar. During one of his travels, Swamigal saw a man selling maakal (soapstone) deepam. Realizing that it was the kind used by Vallalar, he stopped to buy one.

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Kanchi Maha Periyava (Sri Chandrasekara Saraswathi)

Several years ago, when Swamigal was a young lad, he visited the Maha Periyavar at Kancheepuram and sought his blessings. Swamigal went there again after a lapse of 10 years. 

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Sri Rayar Ragavendra

Sri Raghavendra is the founder pontiff of the Madhwa Peedam. Born in Bhuvanagiri, he attained jeeva samaadhi in a Tulasi Brindhavanam at Mantralaya in the presence of several followers.

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The idol of Sri Raghavendra Swami has travelled to 51 Brindavans of the Madhwa peedam. The sacred sand and stones from these 51 Brindavans have been consecrated below the idol’s pedestal.

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Sri Kuzhandhai Aanandha Maha Swamigal

In Madurai lived a couple who yearned for but had no children. They followed all the suggestions of well-intentioned neighbours, friends, relatives and various astrologers, but to no avail.

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Sri Sanjeevi Raayar

In His abode here, Lord Hanuman carries the sanjeevani, the life-giving herb using which he revived Lakshmana during the battle with Ravana. There are nine different facets of Lord Hanumar on the nine steps that lead us up to the idol. They represent the Nava Grahas.

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Yaaga Saalai

This Yaaga Saalai burns non-stop 24 hours, 365 days in the year. Danvantri heals through the medium of air. Hence the power of intention, mantras and herbs are resorted to in His healing format. Chillies and herbs are offered to the fire to infuse the air with its vitality, and the smoke cleanses the air around.                                                                    Read More


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