Court case problems

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Maha Kali Yagam (Court case problems)

In our legal syestem it is a very slow process to give punishment to the evil & the wrong , whereas unfortunately the righteous and the truth suffers a lot of hardships, corruption and never ending delay of justice.

Court cases keep on lingering for years and sometimes the right person even dies in the process of court but does not get the justice. Corrupt people misuse our slow legal system to cheat the innocent. The wrong people take advantage of our poor, slow and unorganised legal system for their selfish inhuman motives. Bad people take advantage of slow court process of justice to torture innocent & right people to snatch their hard earned valuables, properties and happiness of the innocent.

Maha Kali Matha helps the innocent in following court cases:
1. Helps in divorce cases
2. Helps in property cases
3. Helps in land dispute cases
4. Helps in gaining confidence to fight against the wrong people.
5. Helps in standing for yourself if you are innocent and not loose patience.
6. Helps in extra marital cheating and adultration cases.
7. Helps in corporate cases.
8. Helps in collecting evidence to make your case strong.
9. Helps in choosing the genuine lawyer.
10. Helps you in sexual harassment cases and other reasons.


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