Depression and stress problems

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Sri Durga Homam (Depression and stress problems)

In todays fast and competetive world its very common to be a victim of stress & depression .

Stress and depression are caused due to many multiple factors :

1. Office pressure, office politics, deadlines, performance stress, promotion, appraisal stress. Stress due to boss`s attitude etc ….
2. Bad marriage stress and depression
3. Depression after divorce or going through a divorce / breakup.
4. Stress of marriage not happening.
5. Stress regarding better carreer and growth.
6. Stress of having your own car , your own house.
7. Stress of getting a good life partner.
8. Stress due to several responsibilities.
9. Stress due to children education and carreer
10. No peace and satisfaction in life.
11. Depression due to domestic voilence.
12. Derpression due to in laws
13. Depression due to black magic

Hence come to goddess Durga Devi worship and get rid of all these problems.


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